entry four: from my old riding journal

Today I knew was no ordinary day, I could tell that! I brought out Penny this time and groomed her while Jenny was doing a private lesson with someone else on Madison. Then Cathy asked my mom if it was okay if we went on a trail ride. So I went with my friend Maraya and Jenny and we went on a trail ride! I was really excited. Jenny ended up riding Penny, I was on Bucky again, and Maraya, on Madison.  Off we went crossing a street then off into a quiet peaceful place. We trotted along a trail and went towards a creek that was a very shallow one. We trotted over the logs and Madison and decided to jump the creek which spooked Bucky who ended up jumping the creek too. And then we saw an Arabian cantering around and then we smelled people smoking and Jenny said they were somoking different kinds of tobacco and she wisihed she didn’t know about that.  When the ride was almost over, me and Maraya got to jump a log that fell a long time ago. When we got back, we took all of the tack off of the horses and I got to help Jenny feed her sheep.

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