me, a college kid, what.

so I keep wondering, what just happened. how the hell am I going to be in college already.
and all of those goals I had, about finishing a book before graduating high school… not going to happen. unless, this one is going to be a miracle. I’m calling it project Quiver… I’m not giving out the password to just anyone so, if you can read this – either you know me too well and could guess the password, or I gave it to you. I wrote over a thousand words the first day… so maybe it has a chance of being completed. eventually. I think I might write more tonight. It’s getting super interesting. I’m free-styling this one, like with most of my stories. They turn out way better if I have an impulse and just go with it.

Okay. so College talk. I’m pretty excited about every bit except leaving George behind. I think that part is common knowledge. For the first month or so, I think I’ll leave my camera at home (speaking of, I feel like an idiot. who completley blanks and forgets to set their camera after a night of photographing the moon… then going and taking agility pictures… talk about over exposed! ugh, arr.)

Seawolf. Now. That’s going to be my mascot.  I’ve got chills.
I hope whoever I’m going to be roommates with doesn’t mind me sitting with my laptop and typing  before I go to sleep. It’s just a force of habit. Not to mention it’s highly therapeutic and it makes me feel better. Like I’ve accomplished something.

good night.

oh, and because I found this particularly relevant:
“There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.”
-W. Somerset Maugham 

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