so now, I have a story.

One of my life-goals is to write a book. I have a story that I’ve been dwelling on all day and now I’m working on it. Score! It’s weird so far… kind-of moving pretty slowly because I’m still developing my idea. I’m excited  though! None of my characters have a name, and there are three so far. Names suck. I can’t think of names. Want a preview?

preview ::
I woke up this morning, my face, covered in blood. My eyes struggled to blink open, dried blood caked my flesh. I gasped for air, opening my mouth and still tasting blood, a river, perhaps flowed from my nose, down my cheekbone, towards my ear. I gasped again, trying to move. My hands felt sticky and dried out.  I began to cough, almost uncontrollably as I felt my gag reflex kick in. Blood was everywhere. I felt my head grow weak and my eyes, now free, fluttered shut again. I was weak, yes. My whole body began to quiver – I kept thinking that I must be dying, though at heart, I decided that dying was not the best possible option, at least not yet anyways.

and so far I’ve written 1,355 words, aka, three pages. This is actually getting somewhere!

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