so pretty much the need to write something compels me

I guess like every other person, I just want to belong somewhere. Better with words, sometimes, than people.
I feel like a fat arse. Eating all day, hardly the amount of physical exercise that I’m used to. Urgh. Lame.

so yesterday, all of my photographs were overexposed like example a, above. (yuck) this is what happens when you spend the night before photographing the full (and gorgeous) moon with crazy near-perfection and  a strange way of attaching a lens to a certain telescope and somehow everything worked without  hesitation, except having to re-adjust everything every few seconds (who knew the  moon moved that fast?!)

well. yes. believe it or not I took that. So you better believe it. My shutter was 1/45 (what I use for higher light photographs) and my f/ was er… well, I’ll get back to you on that one I can’t quite recall. hmm hmm. I’ll remember when I go look at it.

anyways, AKC Nationals is coming up fast, it’s in two weeks! I had this idea, that Megan and I could wear white shirts and bring sharpie pens so everyone could sign them. Woo, memorabilia. Sounds like a fine and dandy plan to me!
So, here is an example of how procrastination has saved me some money (for future references.. ) so, on the volunteer form, they originally told us that we HAD to wear blue slacks. I was ehh about going out and buying them. Last night I had a dream I was at Nationals wearing Adidas sweat pants (what? hah..) and talking to Tori about something… then today I read the email that said we didn’t have to wear slacks! we could wear jeans, they just had to be blue / black pants! soooo. weird that I noticed things and things happened? Also, because I had been putting off buying those slacks, I saved myself some moneyyyy! woo! cash!

Quiver. That’s what I’ve been nicknaming the book. I’ve actually thought of my first character name! and no, it’s not Quiver. Not in the least, or I don’t think so anyways. I’m still deciding what the heck is going on in this story. So she’s where? and what’s going on? She keeps blacking out so it’s hard to make out anything. I feel as though I have no control over this story either it’s just spilling out of my brain, as soon as I get information it’s coming out. like splat. dead fish. yum, fish. I hope it’s salmon. mmmh. or trout.

Sonoma. College. I’ve been talking with my Dad and we’re trying to figure it out. For a writer, this post has some crappy / no transitions. Sorry. It’s just the way my brain thinks,… in short waves. It’ll go back to something and change the subject/ my mind on some random crazy thing but needless to say, I get things done, for the most part. I was looking into Computer Science. I don’t think it sounds like a bad major. At least in that I can include my design instincts and principals into whatever I construct (yes, construct! ahh!)
So according to every aptitude test  I’ve taken I’m a “realist” or whatever they call it. I’m the person who has to build something, which is totally true! (art always manages to come second… ) so if I worked in Comp Sci I’d be building programs or programs within programs. I have no problem with code and if I push myself, math isn’t entirely awful (okay, maybe a little) but really, it shouldn’t be too overly difficult! Right? I can do this! I can. ARRR. The pirate in me believes in myself.

So, I’ll leave you with that. This post is a complete mess and I think I’ll “live blog” while I write my next thousand words. That’s my goal anyways, two thousand for today. I CAN DO THIS. If I can do this, I can do anything.. right? Because say I wrote a thousand words a day, I’d be at 30,000 in 30 days, and 50k in 50 days…. in 50 days I could write an entire novel. (a “normal” sized novel contains about 50k words, books 5-7 in the Harry Potter series do not count as *normal* sized novels, I think.)
of course, if I needed to I could write more. I just have to motivate myself. This could be a learning experience for me, so I could figure out how to motivate myself through Calc. yum. math. I mean. ugh.
what is this anyways.
okay. off to writing. I hope I didn’t have any homework, because I certainly didn’t do anything… I probably should check my agenda before beginning to write..

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