lame sauce, it’s Monday.

so Ben Franklin thought it’d be funny to give us an hour and take it away later. thou shall givith, thou shall taketh away. lame sauce. So the sauce. I have some phrases. I say. Like most people. I guess. It just happens sometimes. The words seem to spill out. oops. rephrased that because I can’t spell accidentally correctly in three tries. I guess four tries is the charm. OH WELL.
The reality that if I were to go to Kimmie and Navi to Dylan’s Beach this weekend I would be internet deprived for a whole bloody weekend but then again, I would be at the beach. But the again, If I don’t blog for two nights in a row, I’m going to be having some serious withdrawals and a possible case of not-blogging-anxiety. uh. yeah. something like that. I guess I’ll have to go the old fashioned way and bring paper and pens so I can get everything out of my head. I think I’ll bring along a pirate’s hat teh. ’cause a pirate’s life iz fer me.
arrrrrr matey. I don’t even –

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