fireflies, angels, and demons.

so I’m painting my nails with this awesome nail polish that is like a pearl color… but not because I don’t feel like reading Angels & Demons. I’m sure it’s a good book… I just really don’t feel like reading that right now.  But it’s an English assignment so I should shut up and just read it. I mean, how often will you get assigned Angels & Demons for homework… right?
Fireflies is probably the only light colored nail polish that I’ll use. Everything else that I like is rather dark… well… the colors are usually more bold.

Story. I’ve been using Jack as one of the guy’s name’s and I don’t like it. I kind of want to make up a name like I did for the main character (and no, it’s not Quiver. I don’t know where that came from… but that’s what I’m “nicknaming” this story)

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