sometimes I like to draw, mostly I like to say I suck at drawing.

I don’t know what’s wrong today… I mean, some things are right, really right, and really fun… but I have this feeling in my heart that’s not good. It’s this sort-of longing, perhaps I’m just tired of dreaming with a broken heart. Oh well. My petty feelings shouldn’t ruin my day.

So I drew, today, in digital art. I got an opportunity to really draw in photoshop (cs2). It’s kind-of funny. Everything is on a separate layer. Every time I started a new section/ new color patch/ other things… I made a new layer. So for just this I’ve got almost twenty layers. Fun, eh? I think I’m going to merge the sketch bottom ones once I’m satisfied with how they look.   I’m just really excited that my pitiful drawing abilities translate to the computer. I never actually though they would! (so much self doubt, I know. ugh.) So yes, I did have a reference photo for this, this is actually the first time I’ve ever drawn with a reference photo! 

still a work in progress… My Mom said I was more talented than she. (bullshit!) Well. Erm. Back to the reference photo. I’ve never ever drawn with a reference photo before this! Can you believe it?! I’ve also only really drawn on the computer once before that (and that was in MS paint, ugh haha) Kind of interesting though, having a reference photo was weird. It was harder to see past what I knew and just see the actual photo.  See, when I hand-draw, I’m able to draw from feelings, that’s just how my mind works, I have to touch and feel the shape, like for instance, when I was drawing all of those noses, they were actually just my nose, just in different shapes and forms. (because there is no way I would walk up to some random person and be like hey can I feel your nose? just no.)

soooo. I’m not in the writing mood. I just really want photoshop right now so I can draw my dog who has raccoon markings. ahhh yeahhhh coon dog yeahh. so. about that econ homework..

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