they write me letters, tell me I’m great

uh, well, not really… but I don’t know why I’m so freaked out by people coming on this blog. Why does that freak me out so much, like I had three people like stuff and one person subscribe and now I’m freaked out. Perhaps because this is just thoughtless typing… maybe this blog is just too personal? I don’t know… I don’t think I say that much crazy stuff on here.

Ugh so I’m downloading a free trial of photoshop, yumm. and it’s taking ages, but I’m bringing my laptop to the beach (though I doubt we’ll have any internet/cell reception what so ever) it’s just mostly so Kimmie and I can work on our homework, lovely-eh? hahaah.
anyways, I’m sort of freaking out, I’m not entirely packed because… well… excuses. I packed my point and shoot camera and one sweatshirt (isn’t that good enough?) I’m also thinking about bringing my moccasin’s because their the greatest thing ever.  I think I’ll bring one more pair of jeans and some shorts and some cute tee shirts and like fake sweatshirt things and PJ’s, of course.

Dillon Beach is seriously pretty much uninhabited. There’s one post office, and one cafe.  Not even Starbucks or anything.  (Starbucks has free wifi sooo…) not even a cheep McDonalds or something hahaaa (that’s cool) maybe, if we stop in Bodega, I can use the wifi at the Inn at the Tides (and I’ll have cell service there too..) I know Bodega, which is really near by… so I feel pretty comfortable, I guess. Not to mention I have the whole place staked on google maps. And I downloaded a TON of songs onto my ipod and I believe it’s charged… hopefully it’ll last three days ;) well. I’ll have my laptop so it better! I’ll be bringing along my connection cords for it.

umm. so pretty much. yeah.

today was lame. what’s new. tomorrow is going to be super fun! yay!!!

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