so I think I had one of those “this is me” moments

oh, yeah, did I mention – I’m home?!
and I had cell service the whole time we were there… actually the best cell service I’ve ever had I think. I had full bars the whole time (what is this, I don’t understand what  is so wrong with Folsom and my phone, they just don’t like each other).
I’m just really happy to be home. I had a ton of fun at Dillon Beach, but there is really no place like home… such a homebody.
and now, I don’t feel like writing. I’m just happy because my face feels clean and fresh after my mom and I put some mud stuff on and sat and talked… about life… and about The Hunger Games for an hour at least!  I love my Mom.
and right now, I really wish I felt like writing, because I feel awfully tired and my brain isn’t functioning, so I’m about to badger you with photographs! Yay!

moral of the story… I don’t need anyone or anything to be me.  I am me… and I think I’ve embraced that though I might grow and become someone more, I won’t change. Because, inside, I still am the little girl with the plastic horses and the big dog… and the big dreams.
(not so bad for a crappy point & shoot, eh?)

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