sometimes, bad days can turn into good ones

You just have to look at the little things… and for me, listen to a lot of good country music. Lots of Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban. I love Tim McGraw’s music… he’s been among my favorites since fifth grade, when it was un-cool to like country. I’ve always been a country girl… and made fun of for it, until last year when it became “cool.” Those people don’t know what country is. They’ve never been to a ranch, let alone worked on one. They’ve probably never even seen a burn pile, or had fun with a cousin blasting country music in his old chevy truck, driving around, no seat belts, boots on our feet, working leather gloves in our hands. They’ll never understand what it means to me.
that’s not what I was going to talk about though,
I wanted to talk about today because if you know how, you can make any shitty day into a good one.  Today, was a prime example. I was stressed, I was going to explode on someone, it might have just been myself. but then I started focusing on little things. My friends who manage to cheer me up without even trying.
they’re cool.
and this always happens. where I start to post, then something happens, and bam. no more post ideas. damn it.
I want an iphone, I think., maybe. I would rather have a mac though (for obvious reasons) but my phone is suffering. A part of it has fallen off and I don’t know what is to become of it. Oh well.
I really have to figure out this insurance thing, I don’t know if my mom is going to hold me to doing it and try to make me not be able to go to nationals, because as of this moment, I don’t care, I am going to nationals. No. matter. what.
pretty much my mind set.
also, I have to figure out what the fuck is going on with college, because according to Rebecca, there’s ELM/ EPT testing on April 7th that I have to register for, orientation stuff the next weekend,  and housing and orientation and more orientation stuff. yum. right?
I’m really, really, beyond excited at this point.  ahhhh excitement!
now to work on econ homework…

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