I like to pretend that I know what I’m talking about

I color badly. I mean, paws. I color paws badly. Hence the bright red re-do text over the two paws that really need to be re-done. I need to re-focus on shapes. I guess I’m seeing the final product so I’m not looking so much at the actual shapes that need to be there. Lameee. Right? I know. Really lame.  This also has 53 (plus or minus) layers! I guess, before I start the shading process (burn/dodge tool process) I’ll have to merge them because I have no idea what’s what. So yes, here’s a preview of what’s going to happen so far. I’m awfully scared to work on the neck/nose/ears because my brain makes them out to be white (with the exception of the ears) but when one looks closer, they are really not white. (what is really white anyways? considering shadows, mistakes… I don’t think anything is actually white. That’s just a theory that needs to be proven.) 

anyways, I enjoy reading NCIS and NCIS LA Spoilers without actually watching. Like on this other awesome blogging site, where people post what they think of everything, I keep seeing RIBBS and “Gibbs making out” like really… nooooooo. So I’m curious, the lawyer lady comes back? But Gibbs is breaking his own rules, but then there’s rule 51, so..
oh wait, NCIS is starting, so much for the awesome post I had planned.
okay. maybe later.

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