le english homework

Translation: Act 1 Sceen 1: M1: If It Were Done ‘Tis Done (Mackbeth)
If it were done, things would be better
If I killed him quickly
The consequences might not catch up to me
I would gain his success but if I got found out
I would be ruined, completley destroyed
Now I’m waiting on little time
Where anyone would have/ could have jumped on the opportunity
But even this conscience is bothering me
When Duncan first came to reward me for my kill
It is backfiring, if I were to kill him
He’s condemned me, with my ambition
He’s here on a double trust,
The first is that I’m a subject to his crown
I know I should not kill him because he’s also the guest in my house
I should protect him against a possible murder/ outside danger
Not be the one to kill him mself… besides, Duncan
Is kind and meek
So well liked in his office because of those virtues
Everyone is praying that he lives long
So if I were to kill him, I’d have huge shoes to fill and if I killed him, I’d be forever ruined inside
Like a young child who’s done something naughty
Flying up, like one of heaven’s angels
On invisible winds of air
Will spread what I have done
Everyone will cry
Guided by my wicked ambition
That raises me only to make me
Crash and burn.

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