blast from the past

This is George and I, at our first agility match ever!
October 30, 2010 in Elk Grove
We both look super young and  well… George looks so small!! (to give you a reference, he’s probably about 24″ probably but I have him recorded as 20″ not to mention he’s a a veteran… little dork.
well, big. but whatever.
my hair is down for one reason, and one reason only (I hate running with my hair down) after our first match, we were rushing over to a wedding. So that’s how my hair looked, except I was in a dress.Good grief, the days of being a Sophomore in high school….
That seems like such a long time ago, dang…
photo by Matthew. 

And if you think that was a long time ago, what about this?
this is from my seventh birthday, pretty crazy, eh? I never thought this would happen. I remember this day so

well. The day horses came to my house. That day I promised myself that when I grew up, I’d always have horses at my house. Pretty crazy, right?
This is my life right here. Dogs and Horses. Pretty much everything I really care about. I don’t need anything else, I’ve got them. (now I’ve got to hunt down some photos of Spike and I, if you want to go into ancient history… )
So I think I’ve made up my mind. SSU Equestrian team, here I come… all the while, I plan to keep training in agility, maybe getting a puppy my sophomore year in college? if we figure things out correctly. Too much day dreaming. I need to sleep so it can be an actual dream. ugh. I have to stop having Hunger Games nightmares. Why does this happen.

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