girl on fire. well. orange.

I totally just envisioned Lindsey, Rebecca and I creating this awesome web-show type thing and totally being internet-famous and getting to go on Ellen. I just imagined everything I’d say and the videos I’d post. We’d start out small, like a cooking show, then we’d leech into documenting our lives. See. It could happen, maybe. Maybe it’s just something I really want to do so I see it happening.
anyways. I’m painting my nails a pretty coral color. (#FF3300, if you want to know the exact color)
Right now, I’m really falling in love with the color orange. I think it’s going to be a big deal. I’m usually right. You should trust me on these things.  Tomorrow I think I’m going to go on an orange rage. I’ve got orange nails, next will come my orange scarf. and then what? I’ll turn into Katniss, the girl on fire. ORANGE ALL THE WAY. It’s going to happen, because tomorrow is Thursday. yes. Hunger Games Love. mmmmh.
And here comes the Sun!  My friend, Tori, who lives in Florida, you might know here, world team member, awesome spotty-dog, wears shoes with five fingers and totally a trend-setter – is coming for Nationals in Reno! She’s sending sunny Florida thoughts here so… we’re getting lucky. Tori has a powerful mind and we’re getting the effects (thanks Tori!!!) hahaha.
back to the fireeeey stuff. One hand is drying it’s second coat. Now of the dreaded right hand. Oh man when I get to the right hand it gets super sloppy. yuckkkk. oh well. Orange is still super pretty.
Okay, deep breaths… I just finished the first coat on my right hand and it looks good. ahh.
nails are done now. lovely. I’m kind of tired. but I feel like writing more because I feel fantastic. Or something. I just like using that word, okay?
so the sky was gorgeous today but I’ve got a problem… my camera is all the way in it’s case on the other side of my small room. to get it or not to get it. nahh. maybe later. sooo. I think I’ll try to read some english material before I go to sleep. I managed to check like five things off of my to-do-list today! I’ve really got to start getting things done with this whole planning/ actually doing things goal. I’m awful at it, so I’ve got to practice. Really unmotivated, I know.

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