so I just spent two hours painting

layer upon layer. sometimes I spend my nights painting and coloring away… tonight I used acrylic paints, in my book (this worried me at first..) and a rough brush. My pallet was blue/pearl/black and I didn’t paint much of anything. Some shapes, some words, I mostly played with texture because it’s fun. Maybe I’ll post photos, they’re not worth drooling over or anything. I actually dislike both of them sooo. oh well. this is what happens when you pretend to be an artist.
mmh. I’m tired. good night!
oh, before I go, speaking of painting, this is as far as I got on my wolf thing

sooo before you say anything, the paws are super messed up and I know I have to fix them! along with the shading, I need to work on that stuff but I plan on merging layers (I’m at 78 now) and beginning shading after I finish everything else.  So I’m pretty excited. Things are looking bright for this guy and if I finish fast enough, perhaps he’ll make it to the art show! Maybe. We’ll see.

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