I have this idea

that George and I COULD Q for next year’s nationals. I have this idea that we could even Q for the EOJ (okay, but would I want to put him through that?)
all I’d need is a shit load of money,
somehow managing to get 40 QQ’s and 400 PACH points [read more]
trying out for the EOJ is much more manageable… video tape yourself running this course as fast and flawlessly as possible as well as having at least one title in a venue. Which is totally possible! All we need is ONE more Q in Regular NADAC to get our NAC! Oh wait,  I’m totally kidding, the deadline was April 1st, all of five days ago.  So basically if I went and attempted this right now, we’d be too late because the deadline was on April Fool’s Day.
Not to mention… flying to Austria to do agility? July 13th – 15th… oh man… that’d be crazy. Well. I suppose if I were really interested I could email the coach. I could. I could.
George’s confidence? No. I don’t think he’s ready.

but then again, I didn’t think he was ready to trial either. I really didn’t and I entered him and we Q’d twice. Welp, that’s 2/5… all my fault on the NQ’s, I think… except his speed through tunnelers. That was erm, just a speed thing. He’s not exactly the fastest dog, you see.  So I don’t know.
I keep thinking back to Nationals, he was faster than some dogs there.  But he’s not competitive enough for anything like the European Open. Insane, right?
I think I’m still going to try the EOJ Tryout course… there’s nothing stopping me and it looks fun and challenging. Actually I really want to do it. I wish I could have gone tonight but the sun goes down in an hour….
Maybe tomorrow, even though tomorrow IS Saturday… or maybe Monday. Monday I think’d work.  I need to send this to Megan. I really want to try it.
but no EOJ for us.

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