so how’s the book going?

oh. it’s not? why not?
yeah. okay. stop asking. oh wait, nobody is… that’s because I haven’t told anybody about set book.
I go through, what you might call phases.
I can only write during certain parts of the year, other parts (most parts) I dog train (currently here) and other parts are related to horses and photography.  That’s pretty much my whole, entire, boring, life. It’s not boring to me, not really anyways.  I make sure to fill it with colorful crap and make it artistic.
because art = life. life isn’t life without art.
you know.

a husky made it into finals at nationals, that was pretty fantastic stuff, so I figured why not post a photo of him? Well…  I’m supposed to later be getting a new computer today, maybe. This may or may not happen and my gut says it’s not going to happen. But for some reason nerves are high at this house.

I’m thinking about David.

I think my mom is freaking out because the whole family on her side is coming over tomorrow (?) for Easter.
this should be fun.

however, since this whole actual “novel” that I’m attempting to write isn’t going to happen for a while, I think I’m going to work on this hope book idea for David. I like this idea. I just want to do ANYTHING that will help. ANYTHING. Like literally, anything.
so dinner. fish. yum.

good friday 

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