I think I could

write an essay about how much I really don’t want to summarize this one article. or read it. I’m really tired. it’s midnight. I should be sleeping, right? Today’s been a long but good day.  I just need a bit more time… and I need to leave super early tomorrow so I can go pick up some food to give to my econ class for extra credit.  I’m still trying to figure out what to bring though, what if we went to winco (though I don’t doubt I’d get lost in there)  and got some………………….. something.
I’m saying “we” because it’d be Matthew and me.
We’d have to leave no later than 7:10 if I had any hope of purchasing something… because when it comes down to something that I honestly could care less about, it’s much more difficult to make up my mind. It’s like  “NO. I DON’T CARE”
OHHH I could get those suckers, they sell them in bulk and it’d be cheep and good and perfect yesssss okay I’ve got a plan – sort of. Now for this article.  Gosh I’m really tired.  I need to slap myself…. this CANNOT wait until morning.  Not going to happen. ugh.
welp, okay. Here it goes.

Aaaand my Mom said yes to the Counting Party on Monday, yeeesssss! I just have to figure out approximately who’s all coming so I can make enough food. hmmmmmmmmmmmm what to make…

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