decision day, SSU

Decision Day at SSU. I learned a TON.
So, before I forget… here’s the stuff I *didn’t* write in my handy dandy notebook:
1. posters are a MUST the walls are a dull whiteish color and it’s lame
2. STAY IN THE COMM MAJOR. It’s an impacted major and if I change my mind I won’t be able to get back in, maybe.
3. Take CS101 if I want a taste of Computer Science life, it’s a GE Lab class. Thanks cool bookstore guy
4. FYE and FIG programs both involve some extra class(?) Need to ask Katie about them… FIG dorms have a kitchen included
5. Pro’s and Con’s of having a kitchen / meal plan /ect. do I really need it?
6. Verdot dorms have a weird window in the living room / they recommend staying out
7. apparently the Sov kids never leave their dorms… so no no.
8. Zinfandel is the best dorm without a kitchen…
8. Cabernet is the best dorms with a kitchen
9. it costs $95/ semester to keep a car on campus
10. a bike is HIGHLY recommended
11.  Seawolf Experience /adventure (?) is the dorm program where there is no “extra class” needed,
12. the “extra class” required for FYE and FIG programs is one unit, someone called it “one hour of being babysat” … no comment, I don’t know.
13. Links + is where you need to get required reading, so you don’t have to pay for books (program through the Library. ask.)
14. Text books are for rent (half the price of the book) / buy used / sell back ….so I think I’ll rent them?
15. If you ever feel unsafe around the campus, there are little blue buttons you can push and a police officer will be there in a few to help you out (cool stuff)
16. People do sneak their dogs into dorms, I saw this one guy take his bulldog out to go to the bathroom very sneakily, it was pretty funny. bahaha. yeah…. some plotting might be occurring right now, I mean the president of SSU liked George, he said he could be the next mascot bahahaha.

The president has a good sense of humor. These people at this school seem pretty neat too. I really, really, really liked going and seeing everything.  Aaaand I also signed up for the Equestrian team, there were like five other names on the list so yeah, fingers crossed everything will go well! I’m so excited. I’m also really tired. hmmm.

***I NEEEEEED to figure out what’s up with all of these dorm programs.

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