chances are what you make of them

and if or if not you take them.
thinking about college, I’m supposed to get a new computer tomorrow. I just signed up for housing and a strange feeling washed over me. How could one be so attached to a machine. An object. A computer. It’s like my friend.
I know, when I get a new phone, I have this feeling… like you’ve served me well and I feel that I owe some sort of thanks… but how do you thank a computer that you’ve loved and abused for six years?
I feel half-inclined to give it to my brother, under the implication that he cannot hurt it in any way/ shape/ form and must not  load down it’ hard drive… and no excess programming or scripts are to be run. I want him to keep it in working shape – you know? … if I do ‘give’ it to him… I feel so attached, so responsible for it. I think, if anyone were reading this / knows how I feel right now they’d call me crazy.
They’d laugh and tell me “it’s just a machine” … and I’d smile, because they have no idea what “this machine” has done for me, all these years.

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