I did found out that there is a specific rule against having pets in the dorms, they must be able to live in a “twenty gallon tank or smaller” Hey, George, do you think you can fit into (and live in) a twenty gallon tank?
no? darn. well then.

I’ll be staying in the Verdot apartments (which have a kitchen) and everything. I still can’t believe how awesome these dorms are. As with my laptop, I’m having confused feelings…. one hand, I’m extremely excited: I get to start something new, the next chapter of my life, I get to try to live without having my family… and George there on a day to day basis.  I get to work towards my goal and find my career. On the other hand I’m extremely sad… and scared… I don’t want to leave anything or anyone behind. I’m a bit scared of being alone. I’m a bit scared of George not having me. I’m really scared of how my Mom will be for the first week… and I’m praying this all goes smoothly.
I’ve got to focus on the excitement, over the fear.

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