I’m mostly, really, tired.

I feel tired, worn and uninspired. Like I’m just waiting for the day to end. Studying is not a rewarding task. I solve one problem, and another appears instantaneously below it. Sometimes, there are problems I don’t know how to solve. So I write *help* on them and move on to the next one. I tried to reward myself with some gum and good music. Maybe a blog post an hour in to think happy thoughts. I’m getting through these problems!

Ten more problems, and I put my sunglasses on. I love my glasses, they help me hide from the world. I can see the world in a new light / better… and they give me a disguise. I think I was the only person excited, in the sixth grade, when I was told that I’d need glasses.  Six years have passed and I still love glasses.

It’s 5:10. I’m not even close to being done with what I need to study. My legs and back are stiff and I feel like I need to be done. The dull idea that I need to finish studying so I can work on my stock project that’s due on Friday, and my English paper that’s due on Monday.  Craving some chocolate. Or food. Or just sleep. A mental break. Creativity. These problems wear me down faster than George was running last night – and that was pretty fast, compared to his usual anyways.  I’m tired of typing without an “s” key. My computer has been making funky noises this entire time. Thank Goodness for music. It keeps me going. I seriously need some real energy though. Some excitement. Something to look forward to.
Earlier today I was looking forward to going to SSU, thinking about dorms and life and all of the fun things that were coming. How we could have *fun* studying outside / in the library… It’s always fun when you start fresh. But this, this is old news. Nobody cares about old news. I need to care still.  Maybe I’ll get some watermelon, and go back to studying. humph.

I had to take a break. Looking on craig’s list for jobs, I found two I could easily do. easily.  (one, two)and one I am almost qualified for, except I haven’t graduated high school yet (okay, in one month!) and don’t have a BA… but I can do all of the things that they need, with no problem and meet / go above & beyond their other qualifications… so should that count for something? (link) I wonder how much they’d pay though.

arrr. okay I’ll finish these next ten problems and then I’ll be done for the day. humph.

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