obsessed, and brewing!

I think I am utterly obsessed with my new computer! Beyond obsessed… and my potter more obsession has been re-awakened. I’m attempting to brew potions like a normal person again ;) I used to only really care about the story portion but seeing that Ravenclaws are no longer in the lead, I feel it is my civic duty to brew. AHHH. And type Econ stuff. I’ve made headway, that’s for sure. So much good energy. YESSS makes me feel great! And how lovely it is to have time with my computer off of the charger and not have to worry about it. AHHHH what an amazing feeling.

and to those of you on Pottermore, feel free to add me, EyeErised24! and Yes, I was a beta tester and have been a member of Pottermore since July 31, 2011! The first day!
cool stuff. add me, I accept everyone!

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