I have, pretty much, a pretty great looking resume. I need to figure out where to put the agility stuff, because I’m sure that counts for something…. I mean, that’s a TON of work you know. I also wonder if I should mention I *sometimes* train people’s dogs… but I don’t ask money for it and I’m very picky-choosey so I don’t even know. Why is this so difficult. ugh. lame. okay, here it is-

complete with me, remembering to take off my address/ telephone / everything else…. don’t stalk me…. and now I’m thinking… I NEED this job… but do I want this job?  Probably, yes. I need it, so I must want it. I need the money really badly. It’s nine dollars an hour. apparently “plus doe” …who puts that on a “looking for work” ad?!
I think I’m going to retire this idea for the night and go watch some funny television. Hopefully Good Wife and GCB are on! Or something. I’ve been watching more TV recently. Well, watching it, falling asleep, then going back and doing homework for the rest of the night. Kind of entertaining, I know.

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