pottermore as motivation.

it works, I swear. I’m almost done with all of my summaries 6/8.. which is 75% exactly.
whoooops. Okay, so back to work, but before I go, I finally updated Charge Dogs! I feel so weird posting there because it’s so… well… you know – open… there are sooo many readers and it’s kind of crazy. I know there are people reading it and, well, it’s strange! It’s a really odd feeling knowing that many people are reading your work. So that’s my public blog. That’s how the world see’s me. Motivated, dedicated and an awesome person who takes cool pictures. Now this blog, this is the real me. I am addicted to pottermore, a for-sure-not-perfect student who is completely into the internet and obsessively blogs every five seconds.

Quidditch by Mary GrandPréWell, enough about that nonsense!  I had a dream last night about starting a quiddich team at SSU. (illustration by Marie GrandPre ) There is already an international quiddich league, and rules and such… all that would be difficult would be to actually get the first quiddich team together. People would probably call me crazy.

I guess I’m just *really* wanting to get back into some seriously competitive sport. I am a competitive person, when it comes to sports-mostly-like-soccer and agility… and with George, it’s hard to be competitive because I need to make it fun for HIM. So I wonder how hard it’d be to make a quiddich club. It couldn’t be too challenging.

Sorry, I’m nerding out completely at the moment. So much pottermore on the brain. I need to get back and focus on econ! (but seriously, imagine!) Sonoma Quiddich! I bet there would be a bunch of people who’d totally play…. mmmm. Maybe.
Now for some more econ! I’m getting work done, don’t worry! Just had to jot down some thoughts before I forgot them..

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