thinking this through.

so if we were to do a quiddich team, I think we should have at least four “Junior Varsity” teams that at the end of the season would have “world team tryouts” where we will pick the best players to compete and represent the school as well as “runner ups” who will go to play a substitute position… for uniforms, it’d be soccer attire basically with our school colors and such, we’d have to have brooms as well… and we’d need a snitch.
Still not sure about this…. I’m *so close* to finishing this project. arrrgh.
… and did I mention, I’m so excited about this new layout I found! I also was able to get Gimp, pretty cool, I miss having photoscape, that program is really, REALLY amazing. So yeah, I’m tired. Gotta finish, and reminder to self. BRING VELOCITY. arr me hartey’s. I shall do my homework.

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