I love my George

he’s my best friend heart and soul. duh.
so I found out I’m being asked to prom. by a friend of mine since elementary. cool beans. I’m hoping this information is true, because it came from Daphne, I believe it is true… she’s my source for information, it seems.
I’m *nearly* done with my stock project, which, I hoped I’d be able to work on and finish today before dinner but it’s almost five o’clock already so I don’t think that’s an achievable goal. I just have to get down my thoughts so I can do them! It worked yesterday and I got a TON accomplished, so hopefully, today…. I’ll get it done and survive. This stock project thing is kind of a drag right now, I’m freaking out about this ELM test on Saturday.

Today is Sean, Sarah and Tori’s birthdays as well as another girl from my school and apparently other people too. Welp, cool.
I’m pretty tired. I need to get to work. Oh, and I need that job. arr. still need to apply. I wish I had some spare time!

have I mentioned, I get really messed up when *non dog* people start to talk to me about their dogs. I get REALLY messed up,  by  non-dog, I mean uneducated people just buying BYB dogs for the hell of it. It really pisses me off! I almost ranted to MY FRIENDS about this. Like really? Please AVOID the topic of dogs while around me. I get REALLY pissed off, okay? Like nothing makes me mad, just non-dog people talking about what they don’t know and hearing that people are getting cancer.
and when I hear that, all of a sudden, I grow a mean temper and anger problems. Fuck that shit.
okay. stress. breathe.
let’s do econ.

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