I told myself

I told myself that I’d finish watching that episode, that right after I’d sit down and get some work done, yet here I am. Thinking about college and the possibility of when I could probably get my next dog. So I decided, the fastest way to get back to work is yes, to blog… so here I am. an attempt at motivating myself to GET THIS DONE. Because I am determined to get this project done tonight, no matter how late I must stay awake.

firstly, dorms. I’ve decided that I want to dorm with people I don’t know, perhaps Harry Potter folks, or something. I want to dorm with cat people, who could care less about dogs… or people who simply don’t care at all. (this is why Sara and I get along, we don’t talk about dogs) Maybe horse people. This is mainly because at lunch, I was talking with friends and realizing how angry I was really getting. I was getting really mad. I don’t say this lightly because almost nothing upsets me, but I was pissed!   And I don’t know if I want to stay with horse people, so perhaps Harry Potter people, I always seem to get along with them.  My whole thing about dogs is… don’t ever talk to me about dogs unless you are:
a. ready to be preached to about the standard of BYB’s and the amount of dogs in shelters
b. ready for a sort of anger the world should never see
c. prepared to not speak to me for a while… or lastly,
d. you know about dogs, responsible breeders, rescues, health testing, dog sports, ect. then, we can be friends. Okay, so I was exaggerating kind of a lot, but still, I am usually freakishly chill. I don’t get mad. Except when it’s about dogs. That’s it. That’s what “grinds my gears” so to speak. That, to me, is worse than nails on chalkboard. *note to friends* I love you all as people, but please, please don’t bring up dogs unless you fit into the “d” category.  I don’t like being angry, and I’m sure you won’t like it either.  I’d rather not lose a friend over this.

and secondly, I want a Papillon puppy. oh, so badly. I want a Pap, then an Aussie. But you know, school before play. I need to get work done.
and lastly, George is and will probably always be my best boy. If you’re wondering why I’m getting a bit clingy… this is what happens when I lose people/animals that are dear. Depressing. I get clingy… but it’s okay, George enjoys it.

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