on the highly motivational powers of soundtracks

well, mostly pirates of the caribbean, probably my favorite soundtrack, I don’t know if it beats Harry Potter or not though, that’s a more difficult decision. Any soundtrack, almost, makes me feel awesome about myself. It’s something about not having words and having some sort of badass sound to it.
So whilst I studied for my ELM test, which, but he way, I plan to score above a fifty five, because I need to. Badly, I had the opportunity to take a webcam photo with George –

I didn’t think it was possible that *somehow* he’s more nerdy than I am. I’m like oh, hey, nerd status, at least I’m wearing something moderately attractive today… but then there’s George. HI I LIKE TO MAKE DERP FACES. hahahahhh that’s my dog totally smiling for the camera, I bet he’d get mad if he knew it was going on the internet. Good grief.
back to math

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