weird things

so firstly, I pulled another “all nighter” in a row which was okay, because I needed to get my stock project done…. then today I was fine all day… mind you I drank large amounts of caffeine. Then I got home and started homework and passed out.  I fainted.  Later, I woke up, freaking out because I thought it was Saturday completely dizzy, disoriented and my hands were shaking… but you know, normal for someone who just fainted.  Then, later tonight there was some serious howling going on so I went to look out the front window and sure enough, I saw two or three coyotes in front of my house. I thought, for the most part, that coyotes in general were more so independent… but I suppose because they are canines, a pack would come second nature. They’re also not uncommon in this area, however they mostly avoid human-inhabited places, so it was quite strange. This howling went on for at least an hour and I finally finished my stock project (note to self, print new TOC!)
strange, right?
and now I get to sleep for the first time in two nights. mmmmh good night!
/praying for David… God, help him kick Cancer’s butt, he CAN beat it! He CAN be a miracle.

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