do invite the alphabet, would you?

Right now, I’m trying to focus on studying math, I’ve got my placement test in a couple of hours and I need the study time… but my brain is on a wild track and I am in puppy mode- which means, right now, more than anything, I want a puppy. It’s quite simple, really but not a good time for getting a puppy. When I am in “puppy mode” it means that I will probably act irrationally, erratically, seizing any opportunity that comes up. Which is not at all good if you’re familiar with the advertising tactics of BYBs. Though I don’t think I’d ever actually fall for one, being in “puppy mode” makes it hard to say no.

Now for my self motivational speech. Test now, puppy later. Get some juice, and focus. That’s all I need to do. ahhhh. self control. okay.

AH the title. The alphabet. So I’m printing the premium for the Dixon Memorial Day trial, which is AKC and a huge trial…. so hopefully, that’ll be George’s AKC debut!  I’m also planning on registering George with the AKC as Marvalo Mischief Managed, because it has a cool ring. Not because Marvalo is Voldemort’s middle name. I just think it sounds really good. He’s simply Mischief Managed with NADAC which is pretty cool…. I wish I could have kept it the same for both.
Today I’m taking my ELM test, which is a math placement test and I have to score better than a fifty on it…. but I’ve been taking these practice tests and honestly, there are only a few problems that I’ve had a scuffle with.
And, I believe next week is IFCS Worlds (USDAA) in Texas…. and Today is AKC WTT. sooo, there’s the alphabet.

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