this world is mine for the taking.

I listened to the whole Spirit soundtrack and read and decided. I can make up my own mind, I am my own person. Eventually, it won’t matter that at one point I was lonely, confused and lost. Because I just have to keep a direction, a goal. Stay focused. OH, and you know what else helps? Eminem. Even though my Mom hates it… the lyrics help me. She thinks he sounds angry, I think he’s yelling because he means what he’s saying. I don’t know. Makes me feel good. [song]
I want a Papillon. I know, I’m a “big dog” person… I just really, REALLY want one of those butterfly dogs, and I’ve wanted one for a while… I just feel like I needed to live up to someone else’s expectations. Please other people. You know? But you know what else… fuck that. They’re not running my life. They don’t know what I feel, what I need and what I see. I know what I want. I want a degree in communications. I want to blow everyone’s mind.

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