to dorm with me, here are some things you should know

1. this is the MOST IMPORTANT thing if you want to be my friend: DO NOT TALK TO ME ABOUT WHERE YOU GOT YOUR DOG. DO NOT TELL ME HOW YOU TRAINED YOUR DOG. I don’t want to know. Actually, I probably will even ask. Change the subject, drop something, do something insanely stupid…. because if you tell me, unless you know who Silvia Trkman is – or your dog is a rescue, there is a very, very likely chance that I will come out of this feud, very angry. And there is a more likely chance that we will not be friends. This happens. So I’m warning you now, I’m very emotionally attached to such things (bad idea, I know, I have to learn to control myself, but until then – avoid the subject)

2. I’m horrible at sharing how I feel. If I’m acting funny / out of par, check my blog. I will probably spill everything *here* this can be a good thing, or a bad thing. Bad thing: when I get depressed, I stay on the computer for hours at a time eating nothing but M&M’s, and listening to nothing but Eminem. Irony.

3. I’m really bad at sharing. I pretend that I’m good at it, but I promise, it’s a mask. Again, I’m most likely blogging about how I hate sharing my stuff. I’ve had some experiences where I’ve *shared* things and gotten them back completely destroyed. Especially books. So I’m really awful at sharing. If I lend you something, you sure as hell give it back in the same condition or I expect I new one plus a huge apology – and don’t expect to borrow anything for a long, long, time.

4. Avoiding Politics is kind of a good thing too. Politics, dogs, and camera-speak generally make me really angry unless, somehow, you actually know something about them, if not, change the subject. i.e.: this weather is driving me crazy! or point out something random. Look at that weird flower over there! oh golly. I’ll shut up. I promise. Hopefully.

5. I LOVE Harry Potter, a lot. So if you want to get all harry pottered out with me, that’s totally cool. That would probably make my whole entire night. example A: We go to see Woman in Black, and I quote HP the entire time because the main character is played by Daniel Radcliffe = a great night. I made part of the theater laugh at the “scariest movie of the year”  That, my friends, is a mission accomplished.

6. I write on three blogs, this one, Charge Dogs (dog related) and Dances With Waves (photos)… I have plenty of other blogs but those I’d rather keep to myself, for now anyways ;)

[continued here]

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