basking in imperfection

there is nothing better than imperfection. I posted today, on a sort of controversial topic on my agility blog. I did so purposefully, because I was feeling quite controversial and… well.. I wanted to see if people actually read my blog. Apparently, my blog is read and the stats aren’t lying. Which is cool. Apparently, I’m very agreeable. My thoughts on “enjoying the little things” stand true and here I am, words still in my mouth. I keep talking, writing. It’s just what I do.

I just finished the novel, War Horse… probably one of the saddest books I’ve read in a short while. I feel as though I was able to connect with the story, you see, I am like Joey, the war horse…. off to college. George is my Albert, who whistles at me and knows how to calm me and comfort me. We look after each other, but I must be sent off. It’s not easy, but we’ll make it.
I wish I could hug George right now, but he’s asleep. I really just want to cry. I don’t want to leave my family. I don’t want to leave my George. I don’t want to leave my friends. I don’t want to leave my home… but here I am, leaving, growing, changing.
Sometimes I wish I could stop time. I wish I could soak everything up and see life for what it is.

But here I am, basking in the light of imperfection, seeing what is not clear. Dreaming about what I could become and wishing for something greater. Isn’t that always the case for human beings? We always want the next greatest thing, no matter what it is- the next greatest position, the next greatest phone, the greatest religion, style, movement, ideas… we want it all.

Crying is probably good for you. Yet, somehow, there are no tears for me left to cry.

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