agility, thinking.. mostly, dreaming.

I’m sitting here, kind of worried. I don’t want to stop or “pause” agility whilst I’m in college. I’ve been progressing well so far, why must I stop? Why should I hold myself back. For that matter, why should I ever hold myself back.
I shouldn’t.

I guess, my small talk with Megan today helped me decide. I want agility, I want it more than a lot of things. Not everything, just a lot of things. I want a career first… because I know, with a career- agility will follow. But that sport is something I am very passionate about.

As we talked about George’s USDAA debut, and trialing, I couldn’t help but dream about our future. I couldn’t help but imagine George and I at regionals. I couldn’t help it. I was dreaming. We talked about a trial schedule for the summer, and oh how I want it so.  I’ve also decided for sure I want that job, the one I was talking about… I’ve decided that things are jam packed from now until graduation, so perhaps after that I’ll apply and get it. Fingers crossed.

I’ve also thought a lot about getting another dog. I’ve thought a lot about this. I don’t think that this is the right time at all, but it feels right. But feeling =/= thinking, and I think, in this case, logic may be more important. I want to try a small dog. I may not be able to convince myself, but I want to try. I feel like I should be as versatile as my dogs are, so why not? I’m up for a new challenge, maybe.
Oh, and I must say, I’m enjoying this new lens quite a bit. It’s lovely! (50mm) thank you Megan!!!!!
I will trial-budget later. I’m tired. Good night!

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