and no one is coming to save you

I’m starting to feel alone again, really alone. George is quite obviously acting really strange for these past couple of days. and I don’t know what to do. It started to get better yesterday, he was barking and going crazy like his usual-self… but now, now he’s going back into that “weird mode” where he’s freaking me out.

I’m kind of stressed. I thought I should write about it really quickly, clear my head, take a deep breath before I continue my episode of work.

firstly, I’m on edge, waiting to get my test results back for my ELM (I’ll be getting those on May 28th.) Nerves, nerves, nerves.
secondly, I’m supposed to be figuring out how to make two newspapers go to press by this Thursday. ish. I mean, at least have them ready for press.
thirdly, I’ve got the last test of the year before Finals in my Econ class. I really need this test to boost my grade up to an A..
I’ve also got prom on Saturday , got to pick up my dress on Friday. I’ve got to get my graduation party invitations done, and my Mom wants them done this week.
and on top of that I want a puppy… and I feel lonely. Like I just talk to the internet, what people?  INTERNET = MY FRIEND. Ah well. I don’t want to be a burden. I will suffer with my internet. Go down with this ship. hahhh.

So here’s the plan: become the music. listen to super *inspiring* music / fast paced music and study my arse off for econ. Then, I’ll work on my grad invitations. There isn’t much I can do for Newspaper here.

deep breaths. let the music take you over. ahhh. the music will set you free.

2 thoughts on “and no one is coming to save you

  1. :( Just remember… you are so close to summer. We both are so close. So, so close. Just a few more days of stress and torture and then we’ll be doneeeee. You got this girl!!! :) Plus feel free to spill your mind out to me via text… I’m always here for you dont forget it. :)

    oh and speaking of music, it’s not super fast
    …but it’s beautiful

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