trying to remember, because I forget… a lot

today I called SSU.
I have to wait to find out about the Early Start Program…
I also have to wait about finding my ELM scores. I am for sure exempt from English.
I did also a lot of newspaper. I’m really tired. I’d rather stay up and blog. Could you imagine, if I magically transformed this blog into a photography blog? I already have a photography blog, but hey, it’s me… I’m always looking to make some sort of change.
here’s Gina, being awesome and colorful, for the record.

I’m really looking for chapter two of Pottermore to be opened, well, the second book. I’ve heard rumors it’s scheduled to open in July, so I can assume it’ll be open next year around April..?

and before I say anything else, I must give a warm welcome to Kimmie, when she reads this- Welcome to the wondrous world of wordpress. the freedom to express yourself, be yourself and be free… and think, and share your adventures.

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