moving forward.

“Remember the last thing you did in here, besides PDF” Cav, my newspaper teacher said as I continued to edit the newspaper. My last year on the Newspaper, my last year at Folsom High School. I realized the last thing I would do in newspaper would be to edit the back page… which went through some serious phase changes. I brought my camera to school today. It was our last rally and I sure as hell wasn’t going to a rally without a camera. I’ve never been to a rally without my camera and that wasn’t about to change.


I pulled into my parking spot at school, slowly realizing that soon it would no longer be my spot. Somebody would take it after I left (or not since it’s in the back.. ). Weird feelings. I’m ready for this change but it felt so rushed, so fast. Like I didn’t have time to blink, and bam, it’d be over in an instant. I decided to stop looking back. Keep moving forward. Keep the memories here, on my blog, then I wouldn’t have to fill my thoughts with them. I could keep my eye on where I want to go. The future.



That morning, I’d decided to go to Panera..  which is delicious. I got my usual. Favorite. Chai, and trying something new.. I tried this (below) fruit tart. Keep the old close, but try something new. That’s what I did. The two were a delicacy and the trip to Panera definitely made my morning.



I arrived at school and proceeded to work on Newspaper. At that point, it still hadn’t completely dawned on me that this is our last paper. After this we’re done. No more. No more giant picture collages and spreads to lay out and photograph for. Now I have to smile at these past four years. I’ve accomplished quite a bit, and grown quite a bit since my first article and photography on Boy’s Soccer in 2008. I’d designed the inside spread for Every 15 Minutes in 2010 and 2012, when our high school went to State Championships I was responsible for that whole spread, rallies… and countless other events that I’ve covered. I think though, among my biggest accomplishments for the paper were designing the front page for every issue except two this year.



Crazy thoughts, this will have been the last ever front page I’ve designed. The Junior Edition will be the last paper with my sidebars. Crazy thoughts. Kind of funny how now I’m starting to miss it, when only a short while ago, you would find that complaining about Newspaper was a topic I’d bring up with almost anyone. Bother. I knew this day would come, when I’d start to miss that class. Hell, my freshman year I missed it so much during the summer, I’d constantly look at old ones. Who knew the paper was that large piece of my life at the time. And Now. But here I am, looking back when I really need to keep looking forward. Keep moving, the past has been done.



The Senior Rally today was rather interesting, the black lights were an awful effect for me, with my camera. It was all much too dark to record much at all. Pity.



Sara and I stayed after school today for Newspaper, for the last time. Realizing that was probably the hardest. It is stress-relieving to sit down and lay pages out to music. I opened QuarkXPress to retrieve an old photo, also remembering that I’d probably never use or see Quark again. More weird thoughts. We worked hard, laughed harder and ate some chicken nuggets (thanks Cav!).



and one last photo of the work-in-progress Bulldog Times. It’s been a good, long, four years.  I’ll miss my “Newspaper family” but I’ve got a lot to look forward to.  Lots of things will change, and so will I.

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