That’s how I felt this morning. That’s how I felt all day as I continued to work on the Newspaper (that went to press, finally!)… that’s just how I felt. I didn’t want to really talk to anyone, I didn’t want to feel alone. I wanted to be with someone I trusted. But I don’t know who I can trust that I could talk to at school.
You see, I feel guilty because I feel like a burden. I feel as though I am irrelevant, unimportant and not worthy of their precious time and attention. I felt guilty for wanting attention. I feel guilty for asking for help. That’s just not something I do easily. I find things myself. I don’t ask for help – I figure it out. I ask God to help me.

Ask, and you shall receive. I should have known. I got home and the opportunity to speak with a dear friend presented itself in the form of having to pick up my younger brother from elementary school. I proceeded to pick him up and walk over to her classroom.  She easily pinpointed what was on my mind and began to console me on how I should act. “Don’t feel guilty” she told me. I felt guilty. She told me I should have fun, make light, and laugh,  because that’s what me – and everyone else needed.  She made me remember who I am, and realize that I could do the right thing.

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