dubstep & a clean room

Honestly, I’m a neat freak. A super neat freak. So I put on some dubstep and surveyed my room suspiciously, finding the sudden urge to deep clean, mind you it was nine o’clock at night when I started cleaning, it’s midnight and I just finished. Completely worth it, I’m almost satisfied with how my room looks. Almost.
I’m also almost satisfied with my theme. Okay, not really at all… but  it’s getting there.  Lately I’ve been turning into a techno / ultra simplistic / minimalist / rap / more simple idealist. I guess that’s what you’d call it. I’m quite particular over colors and design as it is… and this modernity is adding to it. I still like a little grunge, but not as much as before. I’m not sure what’s overcome me, it just seems right in my head.
I think I’m going to go read my English book (The Black Ice, by Michael Connelly) and go to sleep.
oh, and because, here’s a self portrait.

I actually took two versions of this, one focused on me, the other (this one) focused on the camera… I have to admit, it’s difficult to open the eye that’s not looking through the viewfinder whilst taking a photo. Interesting.

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