senior ditch day

Eating my pie, listening to coldplay dubstep mixes, it feels like paradise. mmh. I got to go boating today with Sara, Schyler, Hayden, Megan Shikha (andddd names I am forgetting someone remind me, I’m completely awful with names I’m really sorry.), tubing! Love tubing *so* exhilarating. Doesn’t even compare to agility, but then again, agility is kind of another sort of breathtaking. Agility not about the thrill it’s about the journey and accomplishments. Tubing is just thrill. I burned my arm pretty good, hardcore, hahahahahahahah

After, we rushed over to get yearbooks at school, lame, I know. But we got ’em and left soon after to get lunner (lunch x dinner) at ihop! I had a Belgian waffle with blueberries and eggs, which was delicious. And, after that, we went on adventure to go pick up the Senior Edition, in Auburn. What an adventure that was. The Senior Edition papers barely fit in my car!  I need a photo of that before we take them out.

and here I am now, completely exhausted. Today was pretty amazing. Must. Read. English. Book. before I fall asleep anyways, here is a photo for you to enjoy-
thanks everyone for an amazing day/weekend

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