shoot for the stars

The rub-burns on my arm hurtssssss. oh well. More dubstep for today. Kind of funny, listening to “older” mainstream songs that have become dubstep remixes. I still love coldplay dubstep. humph.

So lately I’ve been finding that I’ve been getting along less and less with people. I’m just lacking the patience I once had.  I want to find it again, but I don’t know what made me lose it. My temper just on a steady increase. Perhaps I’m stressing, we’re nearing the end of High School and I’m freaking out, subconsciously. So, if you would, give me some space… and try to avoid potentially conflicting conversations with me. Or I’ll try. Because when I’m mad… I can turn into a horrible person, and it’s horrible and I don’t like to be like that. So yes, until this weird phase is over… ugh… it’s just pretty lame.

SO, avoiding that topic now, off to a good note.. I had a conversation yesterday about double merles and aussies and such with my English teacher –  a real conversation with someone that doesn’t do agility about such things is very rare without me exploding. Dogs are my number one trigger for me losing my patience… and the fact that I could have a normal conversation with my English teacher, who, mind you, was very educated in these things (which totally surprised me and made me so happy, I’m still thinking about it!)

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