Cum Laude

I was awarded at Cum Laude night tonight! I got a double-honor cord, one for graphic and technical design and the other was for Newspaper.  Tomorrow we’ll be passing out Junior Edition and stuffing Senior Edition. My last two Bulldog Times newspapers EVER. Do you know how weird that sounds? It obviously hasn’t clicked yet because I’m not freaking out *yet*
at the award ceremony tonight, I started to think about it… only to stop myself because I really would rather not  freak out and embarrass myself in front of everyone. Sara and I were called up together, being called “inseparable” and Cav’s “stepdaughters” hahahah. It felt good being recognized and I began to really, really miss Cav and Sara, even though they were standing right in front of me. We can’t be going our separate ways.. yet here we are. So now I’m listening to the dubstep mix of pretty boy swag. OH GOODNESS don’t even ask. I should probably sleep… good night.

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