on this rad day

I wasn’t feeling creative at all… so I turned on some rap, BAM my creativity returns. ahhhhhhhh feels good. go ahead, judge me. I don’t look like the kind of person who’d listen to the music I do but okaaaaay. cool.

Today was an awesome *school* day. I got another award, and an academic letter! I was granted special permission to park in teacher parking and drive across the school to park in front of our IB building… stuffing the final newspaper ever was hard. the actual work wasn’t… just the idea that we (sara and I and the rest of the nepap seniors) would never be publishing another paper at FHS together. Insane. Four years has gone by way too fast. But I’m tired, and I’d rather not remise… so here is a spectacular photo of Sara and I in front of the IB Building with my car, loaded with newspapers. 

photo courtesy of Cav :)

I would seriously give anything to play agility right now, or in the near future. Still being hopeful about going to Dixon for the AKC trial on Monday (memorial day)

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