I should be there.

watching Mal run this crazy-fast run, I know I need to be there for him and KT and Banger and Komet and whomever else is there. ahhhhhhhhh but right now, I’m on probation, or quarantine, barred to the walls of my house because in my family, having a social life on one day, seems to be good for an entire year.
So I am still planning my escape, and it’s one o’clock and KT’s been texting me. This sucks so much you have no idea.
so here are some edits I did of the lake pictures yesterday…

I feel so damn unproductive. ugh. staying at home suckssss. and I used to call myself a home body. I suppose I am one, if you’re talking about having people over.

I guess I just feel socially deprived.

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