being a foodie, sometimes.

Foodie: epicure: a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink).

well, I’m not quite “devoted” but I’ve been trying some of the Fresh Pressed Recipes lately, this one isn’t quite cooking however it is delicious! (you can read the actual recipe here)

upon reading the recipe, I decided it sounded like a good lunch, so Noelle (my cousin) and I rushed out to WinCo to pick up the ingredients, costing under $20. (we purchased enough for six people, made enough for four…. specifically so we’d be able to make more tomorrow!)

Cous Cous is simple enough to make; put equal parts cous cous and water in a bowl and cover until the cous cous is cooked. Then we mixed in the tomatoes and mangoes.

We used zebra and other variations of cherry tomatoes!  then we cut the avacadoes in half, took out the pits, and filled them with our cous cous mixture, adding decorative parsley. (optional, tastes no different with or without)

t was delicious, and thanks to for your inspiration! even George wanted some-
but I think he was satisfied with my photo-taking attention.
thanks for reading, I’ll apologize, that post was like kindergarden all over again… so choppy, I’m apparently unable to not be distracted right now… good food. at least my photos were decent!

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