an author, I said I’d wanted to call myself.
since my childhood, I’d been passionate about writing. I’d paint my nails, retrieve my favorite pens and flip a few pages in a journal and begin to write a tale. My early stories had no plot, no “main goal” there was no clear statement or idea that one followed. It was simply writing what I felt. Days where I felt strong emotions, so did the characters… it was all based on my feelings.

this weekend I was able to talk with a relative of mine who is a published author! (view her website here) we talked about books and books and more books and for the first time I felt able to talk (and really understand) technical bits of writing. We talked about literature composition and the basis of “the novel” in very simple context but I hope I understood a lot.

you write a book around a character, well, two characters – she said. Each wants something different however they help and hurt each other along the way, this is the base for your plot.

I was keen on primarily learning how to develop a plot. I wanted to know how more than anything. Good advice, I’d recognized the pattern in nearly every book I’d read… I just have never been able to apply it because I am one to write in a very disorganized fashion (I’m lucky papers come together… I have no problem writing pages of work, just getting it to ‘click’ is the hard part)

We also talked criticism on various novels and I was able to deliver my points on basic writing concepts that some authors completely failed to do… I was a little nervous stating my opinion to begin with but soon after, I found it quite easy to share as I found out, I kind-of do know what I’m talking about… a little. I mean, just a little bit. I’m on the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

I have a “novel” in process, kind of. It’s better than the previous stories I’ve written (so far) and this one is hopefully going to be different. I’m only 3,206 words in, and I probably should start developing a plot soon. This book doesn’t have a title and I haven’t even named the main character yet (being indecisive is lame).. but at least it’s not like Kysong where I was 20 thousand -ish words into writing the “book” and there was still no real direct plot. Yeah there was a war going on but the main character didn’t have a rival or any equal / better competition… but this I’d written in seventh grade… and I still liked my concept and basic setting / characters / parts of it. Reading it now I realize how immature my writing was, over and over again I’d tried to use more vocabulary and failed using it in an incorrect sense of the word. I was trying, I was learning.

Oh- and did I mention, Kysong was hand written in notebooks?! That’s right. I never got around to typing it. Then there was the story of the Trans. This was written from eighth grade through my freshman year, a series of three notebooks written by three of us friends (now we’re no longer friends) who’s plot-line(if you would call it that) was literally a mirror of our daily lives at school. We’d pass the notebook around and write chapter by chapter through our own character’s POV. The individual stories were good, we were just too wrapped up in what we were doing and couldn’t properly collaborate.

Anyhow, I think I’m going to focus on the latest and greatest of my writing, I’ve been calling it Quiver but the name isn’t sticking. It’s a kind of interesting spy-like story with a weird twist to it. I just have to create this ‘rival character’ and some sort of basic plot. Complex conflicts will come as I write, in my writing.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get an opportunity to go play some agility and get inspired.

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