hi, I have too many blogs

I really do. It seems so that whenever I feel like I *need* to be creative, or I *need* to… I make a new blog, and another, and another. They never seem to end. When social media sites such as twitter or facebook ask for my URL I have no idea what to put, I’ve got too many blogs. I think to myself, not this one. This one is personal. I don’t really care to have it spread so people actually read it. I mean, sometimes I post some good stuff but most of it is gibberish.

Then I’ve got my blogspot blog. My blog of olde. I started it in 2008, to delete everything and re-start it again in 2010. I’ve been posting to it really regularly ever since… but I’m not the biggest fan of blogspot.  I enjoy having hundreds of photos stored for free… but the editor is obnoxious and I like the sophisticated nature of WordPress much better.

Then I’ve got my dog-wordpress-blog. It’s probably my favorite. It’s different and stylish and not so much filled with the *crap* that my blogspot is filled with. I actually try to put meaningful posts into it. Er, sometimes. This was started in 2010.

Aaand then I’ve got  my second attempt at a “quality” blog. I originally wanted this to be a “quality” blog (with legitimate posts and looking gorgeous ect.) and the other blog to be personal, but somehow they switched! It’s all backwards.  I’m a pirate, waffles are for other’s eyes only. anyways. I’m considering switching all of the content of the two blogs so I can actually have THIS one be my quality blog…. So if I do, I’ll give you fair warning (I think) but I’d rather have people readin’ ’bout a pirate. Because I like that theme better.

SO here we are. I wasn’t even able to list all of my blogs (really pathetic, I know) but there’s some of them.  The current main ones anyways.  I make new ones all of the time and it’s horrible.

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