Praise & criticism

My blog called Charge Dogs is my most widely read blog with 40 subscribers, 50 twitter followers and family and friends… Because this blog is more widely read, I realize there are consequences to what I post and try to maintain an up beat positive note ( well I try to do this anyways regardless).

Lately I’ve gotten some praise… And critique over my entry “David’s Heart”

I had a language slip … apparently dropping the f-bomb on cancer is even frowned upon ( to give you an idea of my audience). However I stood my ground and carefully explained how using that kind of language portrayed how strongly I felt.

And praise. I live for praise, in fact I’m still glowing from the long praise filled email I got from my aunt…

Positive reinforcement really does make a person want to grow in leaps and bounds. Though the tone was slightly sad, the things my aunt wrote to me about my writing I couldn’t help but smile.

Today was a rough day… But I made it.
It just goes to show, when everything seems to be going wrong, focus on what’s going right….. Because there’s got to be something!


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