adventures with flavors

I was home, alone yesterday and today… so naturally, I began experimenting with flavors!  Food is one of life’s greatest adventures, not thoroughly explored by most… and I had most of the ingredients for everything (okay, I made a quick Winco run for the spinach)… so I thought, why not take advantage of the opportunity!


for the first photo, I cheated.  My Mom had made the cobbler, I was just very in love with it’s flavor.  Cobbler is one of my favorite foods, I think it may even surpass pie, as far as deserts go!  The second photo (to the right of the cobbler) was a sandwich I’d made because I didn’t want to eat leftovers. I saw pita bread and got creative.  The third is (under the cobbler) is half-eaten stir fry spiral pasta with spinach and zucchini… I had originally cooked it with teriyaki chicken (which was lovely as well) and last but certainly not least is a nice mixture of iced chai and coffee (made in a french press!) completely delicious… even for me, and I don’t like coffee (unless it’s turkish coffee, but that’s another story.

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